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Chimiderouil as formulator and daily user of surface treatment-related products has picked a range of suitable accessories in the aim of matching your needs at best.

Pickling gel-applying brush range

Brushes supplied by Chimiderouil are especially designed to withstand aggressiveness of our gels and are recognized as such ! We sell different sizes in order to fulfill your needs.


"Laser" sprayer range

"Laser" sprayers are especially designed for the use of acid pickling solutions. Chimiderouil is the exclusive dealer of "Laser" products. We have sprayers and related items in our stockpile. We can also provide spare parts enabling to fix your sprayer.

Elongated spraying lance

In order to ease product-spraying into hardly reachable spots, we also propose elongated spraying lances enable you to work easier.

Protecting glove

Handling hazardous products must be done in suitable security conditions. The daily activities of our workshops have enabled us to select adequate hardware. Don't hesitate to contact us for every particular request.


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